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XL800 Board Visualising Various KPI in a Manufacturing Facility

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XL800 with Various Shop Floor Visualisations


Instant OEE + Analysis

The XL Productivity Appliance is a complete bolt-on solution that provides real-time, accurate downtime tracking and shop floor visualisation. Paired with XL Enterprise, the system provides real-time visibility and historical analysis to aid decision-making.


How the free trial works

It's simple and it's risk free. We send you one XL Productivity Appliance and if the system and service aren't exactly what you are looking for - simply return your trial unit. It's that simple!


Pinpoint production losses

A great place to start reducing down time is focusing on your top five sources of downtime. Meet with your team, pick one of the five, and brainstorm countermeasures. Next, implement the most promising countermeasures and monitor their effectiveness. Then - do it again.


Quick and easy to install

The XL Productivity Appliance can be installed in about an hour after unpacking for a standard configuration. All it needs is just 2 signals from your line in order to give you accurate downtime. Simply give it a running rate and a reject rate and you are ready to go!


We offer the new XL Productivity Appliance on a free trial. Why?

Because the best way to choose a product that will meet your exact needs is to test it in your plant, in your application,
with your people. We want you to experience first hand the benefits of using the XL Platform, for FREE!


The XL Platform 
results speak for themselves: 

But don't take our word for it.


“The XL810s easily paid for themselves in the first couple of months we used them. With the XL810 we are now able to easily identify slow cycles and quickly correct the problems that cause them. Throughput is up!”

M.T. | Controls Engineer, Global Braking Components Manufacturer

“So far this year, we have been able to achieve a 22% improvement in OEE, and the XL810 has been an integral part of our improvement process. With XL810s, our entire team sees downtime and eliminates downtime.”

M.H. | Plant Manager, Personal Care and Household Products Manufacturer

“We saw an immediate 29% improvement in production efficiencies just by adding the XL810 displays! The project has been so successful that we’ve now outfitted two complete plants with XL810s and are working on another.”

R.H | Engineer,
Large Print Advertising Company

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