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Eliminating inefficiencies has been the driver for manufacturing intelligence for 20+ years. What’s changed?

Complete manufacturing improvement is a greater priority than ever on the shop floor, but today’s data systems have reached a limit in their ability to correlate and manipulate data without human intervention. The factory of the future will be optimised for every parameter and every SKU; but teams must first digitise their existing production environment and make a business case for investing in new tech.

This webinar will explore:
    • How global information, supply-chain and operations leader can prepare for the evolution to the factory of the future

    • The changing dynamic of human and system interaction in the plant

    • Manufacturing as a parallel with autonomous vehicles, from manual systems to AI

    • Performance and data requirements to achieve remote, autonomous, optimised operations

    • Total digitisation as the enabler of a more efficient shop floor

    • AI to improve responsiveness for tactical and strategic decision-making

    • Next steps to enabling the Factory of the Future at your existing site

Join The Manufacturer's deputy editor, Tom Lane and his expert panel as they outline a complete, practical digital manufacturing improvement approach deploying best of breed software and systems. Constantly evolving, this method reduces risk - moving toward a low-code, no-code ecosystem that is open, flexible and future-ready.

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LineView-Webinar-Tom Lane-Nick Nixon

Nick Nixon

Director, Supply Chain Development & Projects, Coca-Cola European Partners

Nick has close to 20 years industry experience in FMCG. Starting his career with Unilever on their prestigious graduate training scheme, he led projects and operations across multiple categories and geographies before moving to the Middle East to lead a joint venture foods business as General Manager where he reshaped the company’s offering and brand reach. He returned to Europe working for Coca Cola Enterprises leading a turnaround of a plant in France, then in Great Britain before working on the SAP roll-out. Nick then went to lead the end-to-end Supply Chain in Saudi Arabia for a Pepsi Bottler where he radically transformed the network and cost position while commissioning the region’s largest beverage facility. 

Nick returned to GB in his current role in mid-2019 leading the end-to-end Supply Chain Development as well as all the manufacturing facilities in Great Britain for Coca-Cola European Partners.

LineView-Webinar-Ian Rowledge

Ian Rowledge

CEO & Founder, LineView Solutions

A co-founder of LineView Solutions, Ian’s ten plus years in operations management with Coca-Cola led him on a search for better solutions to production data gathering and visualisation. Having architected LineView, one of earliest known automated line monitoring solutions, Ian Rowledge is a manufacturing intelligence visionary. He has a unique ability to review the operations of any manufacturing facility and pinpoint areas where the most value adding improvements can be achieved quickly.

Ian is a true leader, coach and mentor. His operational expertise has been sought out by global FMCG leaders, resulting in a proven record of implementing lean methodologies and using operational excellence techniques to save costs, increasing efficiency and improving quality in the most challenging of environments.

LineView-Webinar-Tom Lane

Tom Lane

Deputy Editor, The Manufacturer

Tom Lane is the Deputy Editor of The Manufacturer. Tom joined the magazine from the Manufacturing Technologies Association, where he was the PR and Communications manager for 6 years working on the UK’s largest industrial trade show MACH. Tom is an experienced journalist covering sport, music and manufacturing over the course of his career.