Line Balance Optimisation Crash Course


Inefficient stops and starts, bottleneck machine speeds and under-utilised conveyors are all symptoms of ineffective line balance and control, resulting in OEE loss.

Designed for operation management teams, this 7-week crash course will introduce proven methodologies to optimise line balance and minimise performance loss.


Mobile phone with LBO Crash Course

What to expect

Over the next several weeks, you'll receive emails once a week with that week's modules and tools. There is no cost or requirement to buy LBO software. It's that simple.


How to achieve Perfect Flow

Build a solid understanding line balance and control including the '5 Levels of Control' methodology and a proven approach to Perfect Flow.


Shop-floor ready tools

Get practical hands-on information and tips designed specifically for operations management teams. You'll learn proven strategies, get exclusive access to downloadable guides and more.

Is your line prone to bottlenecks? Under-utilised conveyors? Inefficient stops and starts?

Effective line balance and line control offers solid OEE performance gains, but is often an overlooked OEE improvement opportunity.

Within this 7-week crash course, you'll learn proven methods of Line Balance Optimisation that are easy to implement. The weekly modules will break down the principles with step-by-step instructions to deliver both quick-wins and sustainable improvements.


Boost your line control know-how with this FREE Crash Course